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Chips&Media Inc., the world’s leading company in video IP technology finally completed complete renewal of its home page.

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Seoul, korea-Dec. 8, 2016

Nexell Korea has announced the launch of its new Application Processor NXP5540. Nexell is the hidden power of Korea's multimedia fabless, which has already introduced several APs of Dual, Quad and Octa cores on the market.

The NXP5540 has implemented the HEVC (H.265) 4K encoding and the HEVC and VP9 4K 60fps decoding using Chips&Media's WAVE series video IP. In addition, it also supports the existing video standards such as H.264, MPEG-2, and AVS+ with the Chips&Media's CODA9 IP core.

Neo Kang, CEO of Nexell, said, "We have been pleased to continue to grow together with Chips&Media Video IP since 2011, and this NXP5540 is a powerful chip supporting UHD 60fps video encoding/decoding performance. We expect it to occupy a competitive position in various multi-media SoC markets such as STB, AVN, Automotive, IoT. We also look forward to many more launches of high-performance video IP products in the future. "

Chips&Media will showcase a variety of WAVE5 series that can be used for HEVC/H.265, Google's VP9, ​​and Chines AVS2 UHD 60fps video standards as second generation products this year following the WAVE4 series. As a No.1 video codec IP provider, they are now spurring the development of new video IPs coming out next year that achieve highly improved video performance and support of AV1 of Alliance Open Media (AOM).